Four Strands

Our programme of pledges covers four general aims, which we’ve named the Four Strands of Love Treorchy. These are: 

Marketing Treorchy 

We need to keep people coming to our town. Love Treorchy aims to: 

  1. Develop a Treorchy Food & Drink Festival – Food festivals are incredibly successful in other towns and we need to get in on the action! A festival will bring new visitors in and will be a way to showcase what we have on offer in our town. 
  2. Grow the Christmas Parade – The parade is already well-loved by businesses and members of the public. We want to make the festivities bigger and better every year. 
  3. Develop a loyalty scheme – To keep people spending in Treorchy, we will set up incentive schemes for workers and visitors to spend more time in the town centre. 

Safer Treorchy 

We want businesses and visitors to feel safe in our town. We aim to: 

  1. Stop shoplifting in our town – By developing a Treorchy Against Shoplifting initiative which will encourage businesses to work together to end the problem. 
  2. Bring the business community together – We will work with the Police and other agencies to tackle issues in our town to support the daytime and night time economies. 

Visible Treorchy 

We think our town could do with some TLC. We aim to:  

  1. Improve signage – Signage can be welcoming and gives visitors a better experience. We will install extra signage around town to enhance its appeal. 
  2. Develop public areas – We don’t have many in our town but we will look at where more public spaces can be created and those we do have can be improved. 
  3. Bring in street art – Street art can cover up less attractive areas and create a huge talking point for towns. We will work with local artists and school children on how their ideas can work for Treorchy.  
  4. Be a strong voice for businesses – A collective voice for businesses is far stronger than an individual voice. Love Treorchy will speak for and lobby on issues that affect the town. 

Open Treorchy 

Making it easier for people to access our business and services is important. We aim to: 

  1. Develop and encourage public facilities – Visitors are far more likely to come and spend time in our town if we make it easy for them. We will work with businesses to encourage them to provide facilities such as drinking water and toilets. 
  2. Lobby public transport companies – We will work with travel companies to improve transport links to our town, particularly in the evening and ensure these services are well promoted. 

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